Here is where I will try to keep the public updated on the happenings within TEAM TECHN0.

It has been 3.5 weeks since she was born but Kelli and I are proud parents of a little baby girl named Jami Helena Zahrt.  She is a lot of work (mostly for Kelli) but worth it.

I had to replace the tranny in my old beater truck.  A 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 2wd.  It was expensive so I have decided to bring the rest of the truck up to snuff.  So far I have replaced the front bumper, rear taillights, air filter, all the shocks, the front springs, lowered the front and rear 2 inches and repaired the tailgate.  More is on the list.  I have a feeling it is going to be in the family for a while kind of like Jami. :-)

Baby Jami

My wife Kelli is having a baby girl due 2 months from today.  I have been frantically working on getting projects around our house completed before the arrival.  I feel like I will not be able to work on anything once she is here.  Just this last weekend I took a leap of faith and gutted our upstairs bathroom in an attempt to get it remodeled before Nov 8th.  On a side note one of my other websites BLINGBLANGBLOOM.COM has been in a crippled state for many months but I just recently adjusted its string functions so that it is working again.  It has a very useful feature for website designers who are interested in how a website is ranking with the top three search engines.

WOW it has been a very long time since I have done anything here.  I have a house now that takes all of my time.  I just recently flush mounted two 10" Kicker Comp VR subs into the wall in the workout room I have built on the house.  I have a 1000 watt sub amp pushing it.  It is pretty awesome.  Kelli and I now have a 2002 Dodge Durango that I would like to put a single 10" in all stealth like.  Deck is installed and RCAs are ran so I have a decent start.  I think this site is going to expand into my interests of home theater and general electronic awesomeness in the future.

We are getting crazy now.  The time has finally come.  It is official. WWW.TEAMTECHN0.COM is a reality and will be fazed out.  That's right I finally sprang for the domain costs for the next 3 years.  My plan is to make a members only section that will allow members to add/update content more easily and frequently.  This site will become the most advanced mobile electronics team site in existence.  Mark my words.  Stay tuned! 

Well ever since I added the contact page it has been broken.  It is fixed now.  I am going to be rewriting this site to use dynamically generated HTML files to make updates faster and easier.  My goal is to get the pictures from last years world finals up on here before I go this year.  Reservations have been made.

Only slightly longer then a year from the last update.  I have made some detail changes to the members page and added a contact page in place of my email address to try and avoid some spam and to make sending me messages from the site easier.  2005 USACi World Final pictures are coming soon. (Once I get the pictures from all the members)

Domo's now has an email address on the members page and I got the 197 images of my 1995 Elantra in the installation section resized so they now fit on the screen and do not take forever to download.

Well I have after many months finally removed the pictures of Domo's Ex and updated with the new better half on the members page after she threatened me with many bad things.  And some almost bigger news is that I have finally worked my ass off and now have the pictures of my 1995 Elantra in the installation section.  The car is gone but the pictures are finally on here to stay.  Check it out.

Wow been quite a while since I have made any updates here.  So I guess I am going to try and do a little of that now.  Since my last update I have removed the install I had in my 1995 Hyundai Elantra and started a new system.  Then not long after getting a real good start on it I traded the car off for my new car, a 1996 Honda Accord LX 4 Door.  I am going to get some pictures of both the old car and it's various installs as well as some pictures of my new car shortly.

Been quite a while for an update on this site but I mentioned that it was going to be slow for a while.  Anyway summer is pretty much here and although I am not going to be living near any sort of shop I am going to try and get to one as soon as possible to keep my hands wet in this industry.  Today I uploaded the images of the finished product of the Nielsen's Car Audio displays I finished back in November.  I also have a new install started in the install area.  I brought a friend of mine to my shop for the weekend and got a real nice start on his 1996 GMC Jimmy 4 door.

Went to the 2002 USACi World Finals this last weekend in Kansas City.  Pictures from the show can be found on the shows area.  I went with another member and our girlfriends.  I have a few pictures of us at the show in the members area.  This year none of us competed but I still thought it was a better show then last year's.  I have also been working in the new Nielsen's store building the car audio and other displays for the past month or so.  This is nearing completion and I will have pictures detailing all of my work there shortly in the installs area.

Been going to the shop to get more done on the car audio displays for the new Nielsen's building.  Also been doing quite a bit of work on a members ride (Domo's Ride) when I should be working on getting the car audio displays done.

TEAM TECHN0 has made it's very first product available for sale in the store area of the web site.  The product is a Tuning CD for both SPL and sound quality audio set ups.

The installations and shows have slowed down because I have moved to my university address.  The next major event will be USACi world finals in November.  The efforts of TEAM TECHN0 for now are being focused on research and development of new products to be featured here in the store area.  I will also be spending a lot of time designing the MobileSys 0.5 Beta System that is going to be going into my next sound quality car.  I will do my best to keep everyone updated.

Today is the first day for the official TEAM TECHN0 web site to be online and taking hits.  This site and the pages in it are going to be expanding greatly over the next few months so stay tuned for some exciting advances in the world of mobile electronics.


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