1995 Hyundai Elantra
November, 2001


This was the first car I ever competed with at the USAC World Finals
Because a professional competitor is practically required to take excessive installation pictures for review by sound quality judges I have a very large number of images of this car and its various installs.  So it is going to be broken down into different installations and portions of the particular installs.  Also right now all of the images on the pages after this one are very large and are going to take a while to download and are probably not going to fit on your screen very well but in the next few days I am going to be converting them all to a smaller image dimensionally and in file size.  This text will be corrected to indicate that it has been completed.

Install 1 (Vinyl)

System Diagram


Install 2 (Glass)

System Diagram
(Same as install 1)

Amp Rack


Passive Crossover Rack



(Same as install 1)



Kick Pods


Rear Deck

(Same as install 1)

Sub Enclosure


Trunk Lid

(Same as install 1)

Trunk Fiber-glassing


Install 3 (Test)

This car had 3 different installs in it while I owned it.  First install was a real nice and clean vinyl setup that I competed professionally with and got enough points to qualify for the 2001 USAC World Finals.  Shortly after qualifying I changed the trunk to an all fiberglass installation to have a better chance when up against the installs that are seen at a world finals competition.  I qualified for the world finals again the next year but did not take the car since it had not changed any and I thought it to be a waste of money just to finish just a hair under anything that gets me a trophy.  After getting real bored with the not so loud and kind of muffled bass I was getting with install 2 I tore it down and started over in the trunk.  Install 3 is the riskiest endeavor I have shot for with this car.  I had to remove the rear window to pull it off.  I even did it with out breaking it so that I could reuse it.  Enjoy the pictures and email me if you have an questions or comments.


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