This area tells a little about the members of TEAM TECHN0.
This is me (Chris Zahrt) and my wife Kelli Zahrt.  She is the biggest supporter of TEAM TECHN0 and is really awesome for thinking I am the shit for what I can do with electronics and understanding that I need to spend a great deal of time out in the garage to get things done.

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Current Ride: 2006 Saab 2.0T Stage 1, 1996 Honda Accord, 2002 Durrango, 1996 Dodge Ram

This is Nate Montgomery.  He always has something new for me to start working on.  Nate is a bit of a bass head and burns up more hardware then anyone I know but it is all good and fun.


Current Ride: 1990 525i BMW

Here we have Dominic Witmore a.k.a. Domo.  He is a good guy with same serious car audio background. 


Current Ride: between rides
Past ride: Oldsmobile Bravada


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