Nielsen's New Car Audio Display
August, 2002


Here are the before designs of the new car audio display that I built for Nielsen's new store.
(general layout of the two rooms)

(more detailed look at room one)

(close look at general idea for room two)

Room #1
(Sound Quality Room)


(Click for Larger Image)

Room #2
(SPL Room)

(Click for Larger Image)

This install took me approximately one month to complete but that was also including every other display that went into the store.  Not a lot to say other then it was a bit of a bitch and it took a lot of time.  Now that it is done I must admit that is sounds great and looks better then most demonstration displays that I have seen.  Also you will notice in the SPL room a TEAM TECHN0 original in the design of the ported enclosures.  The 15" L7 pair is the loudest in store setup I have ever heard.  If you get a chance to see this display make sure you get to hear them because you will most definitely be impressed.  I was!


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