Nate Montgomery's 1995 Mazda B2300
July, 2001


Highest SPL to date 149.9

This install consumed a lot of my time when I started working at the store.  The enclosure was designed for the recommended sealed volume for the middle of the line (at the time) 12" Mobile Authority subwoofers at 0.65 cubic feet per chamber.  Nate went with the MA subs because he did not want to run what everyone else was in the area.  He surprised a lot of people with the performance of this system.  He started powering the system with a single Kicker ZR600 until his supposed 4000 watt MA amplifier came in.  After it arrived I connected it and it seem to really pound for the 30 or so seconds that the amp worked.  Nate then trashed the MA amp idea and I talked him into trying four Kicker ZR120s for the soul reason of them being cheap and able to put out there maximum power with the MA dual 4 ohm subs.  Then I connected four 1 farad capacitors to help the amps out in times of need but since he could not find a better alternator for the vehicle he still had some problems with the voltage dropping to much and popping the fuses in the amps.


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