Hello, my name is Chris Zahrt and this is the webpage for the car audio group known as TEAM TECHN0. I started TEAM TECHN0 in order to get people to know about my work with the car audio industry and to share knowledge with the car audio community.

On these pages you will find information about some of the members of TEAM TECHN0 and pictures of installs I have completed for them now and installs I am working on.  I am a pretty serious USACi competitor and I will try and post pictures from some of the events I have attended in the past and new shows that I make it to over time.

I will also be using these pages to market some of the useful things that I have designed and will be designing for car audio use like custom tuning CDs and installation tutorial CDs.

These pages will look their best if viewed with Internet Explorer 5.0+ and in 32 bit color depth.  High resolution is also a plus.

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